Linear Indexing

High-performance all-rounders

Our linear indexing units offer outstanding performance for a virtually unlimited range of applications. They are designed for cost-efficient production.


Production method:

Up to 64 processes can be performed per cycle. The machines can be run at a rate of up to 100 cycles per minute. In other words: Our linear indexing units allow for the fast assembly of even the most complex parts at low costs. Each machine consists of a number of individual, cam-controlled stations that are synchronised by means of a horizontal shaft. These high-performance units enable you to process around 320 parts per minute on up to four lanes along a clearly defined material flow direction. There is simply no faster solution.

Model Standard, medical and high speed systems

Technical data

 Up to 64 stations

Available with multiple lanes

Production rate

Max. 100 cycles/minute

Special features

Suitable for large number of parts and various processing methods