Lab on Device


  • contains necessary parts and reagents for DNA purification, multiplex PCR and array detection
  • single-use, application specific disposable
  • bar-coded with essential information, like application type, shelf-life and lot number
  • closed system - no contamination risk
  • delivered together with Unyvero Sample Tube, Sample Handling Tool and Unyvero Master Mix


Clinching it with DNA analysis

Medical lab analysis requires absolute precision, total reliability and high throughput; a challenge we're pleased to rise to. Our efforts have yielded a high-tech concept fully developed in every way, a concept based on highly complex modules composed of anything up to a hundred individual components. Naturally, the whole thing has all of the tried-and-trusted manufacturing techniques at its disposal – such as laser and ultrasonic welding, filling, punching, labelling and testing, and even trouble-free nanolitre dosing.

We have automated many lab analyses and combined them into disposable products to give you even more performance – highly complex cartridges requiring specialised assembly processes and handling in a combination of various production techniques. We provide the solutions.

At a glance:

  • Systems made from standardised modules
  • For clean room class 10,000 ISO /7 processes
  • Customised solutions for syringes, infusion bag closures, desiccant stoppers and transfusion sets
  • Integrated production processes such as laser welding, filling, sealing and punching
  • Available with integrated add-on units (for banding, labelling, etc.)
  • Suitable for production under GAMP conditions